1. Motorcycle eligibility

For a motorcycle to qualify for the plug-in motorcycle grant scheme, manufacturers need to demonstrate that their completed vehicle:

  • has type approval
  • meets the grant criteria

These criteria have been set to ensure that vehicles meet an agreed level of performance and safety.

2. Eligibility criteria for the plug-in motorcycle grant

2.1 Vehicle type

The grant is only payable for eligible zero emission motorcycles and mopeds (vehicle category ‘L1e, L1e-B, L3e, L3e-A1, L3e-A2 or L3e-A3 ′) at their first (new) registration.

The grant does not apply to converted or modified vehicles. Vehicles must be of a type that require the following to allow them to be used legally on UK roads:

  • registration with DVLA, driver licensing
  • the provision of insurance
  • the wearing of a protective helmet

2.2 Vehicle Mass

Vehicles must have a mass in running order (MIRO) of at least 50kg without the traction batteries fitted.

2.3 Carbon dioxide exhaust emissions

Vehicles must emit 0 grams of carbon dioxide (CO₂) per kilometre driven.

2.4 Range

Eligible mopeds must be able to travel a minimum of 30 kilometres between charges. Eligible motorcycles must be able to travel a minimum of 50 kilometres between charges.

2.5 Minimum top speed

Vehicles must be able to reach a speed of 40 kilometres per hour or more.

2.6 Battery chemistry

The vehicle must not use lead acid or silicone lead acid traction batteries.

2.7 Warranty

Vehicles must have a:

  • 2-year unlimited mileage vehicle warranty (guarantee)
  • 3-year or 30,000km battery or fuel cell and electric drive train warranty, with the option of extending the battery warranty for an extra 2 years or 20,000km

Note: ‘drive train’ means the parts that send power from the engine to the wheels. These include the clutch, transmission (gear box), drive shafts, U-joints and differential.

2.8 Battery performance

Vehicles must have either a minimum 5-year warranty on the battery and electric drive train as standard or extra evidence of battery performance to show reasonable performance after 3 years of use.

2.9 Electrical safety

Vehicles must comply with certain regulations that show that they are electrically safe.

3. Apply to register your vehicle under the scheme

Vehicle manufacturers who want to apply for their vehicle model to be eligible for subsidy under the scheme will need to make a formal application. To do this, you will require an application pack and associated guidance. You can request this from olev.enquiries@olev.gsi.gov.uk

4. Claiming the plug-in motorcycle grant

The plug-in motorcycle grant is deducted from the price of the vehicle at the point of sale by the dealership. No paperwork is required from the customer, except a survey, to benefit from the grant.